Pairing Alcohol with Fitness

Let’s face it. It is pretty hard to go to the gym on a Friday. And even harder on Saturday. fihoose oneven mention Sunday. But over theothing is, gyms gether, don’t worry; gyms get it. Just in my neighborhood in Durham, NC, three studios offer post-workout boozy variations following their weekend classes (Check out Fridays and Saturdays at SyncStudio, Ride Cycle, and Durham Yoga). The trouble is: there isn’t one drink for every workout. For example, you probably don’t won’t hard liquor after savasana, and you probably don’t want a mimosa after a cycling class. Each booze and each burn must be thoughtfully chosen. So without further adieu, here are my thoughts on pairing alcohol with fitness.

1. Vinyasa Yoga – Pinot Noir

Pairing alchohol with fitness- Pinot Noir

Increased levels of heart-healthy high-density lipoproteins, better sleep, and reduced anxiety are just a few of the shared benefits of yoga and…can you guess? Wine! One yogi blogger writes, “I personally love a smooth and light glass of pinot noir after flowing through a slow and mild vinyasa class. The lingering finish of savasana is the best precursor to the bouquet of oak and berries that is to follow. The first sip feels nothing more than a continuation of my yoga practice; body relaxed, mind at ease, and heart warm and happy.”

2. Cycling – Beer


The more you cycle using bikes like those you can find at, the more calories you burn. That’s where a refreshing beer comes in. As soon as you get off the bike, and wipe it down (of course!), nothing goes down smoother than a bubbly, refreshing beer. I always go for something a little sweet, like an Allagash white.

3. CrossFit – Bloody Mary


A lot of crossfitters will argue that consuming any alcohol is a no-no. CrossFit athletes are often training for competitions and must stick to a strict diet, such as a Paleo diet. That’s why I chose a bloody mary to pair with your saturday morning boot camp class. It’s packed with vitamins, and vodka is low in calories. There is also a WOD called the Bloody Mary. Imagine that. Check it out.

4. Pilates – Champagne


Pilates are a little classy, but not the full nine-yards…. like a mimosa. Get the girls in the car, and go get a mimosa at the brunch spot. Or if you work out at home, make one for yourself! If intereseted, you could check out sites like for more information and recipes on some delectable mimosas!

5. Barre -Chardonnay


Pure Barre is a focus-driven workout. Your thighs usually burn after, but you don’t move a lot in the class. Immediately after, you need something to slowly take the focus off the work you just performed physically, but also to have a fuller body taste than a champagne. A white wine, like a chardonnay, goes down great after some Pure Barre. Pretty sure this is obvious, but for fear of whatever happening, please remember to always consume after class, and always pair with food. Enjoy.