The Benefits of Hiking

The benefits of hiking

A bit bored? Has your workout become so routine that you could do each sequence in your sleep? Well, it may be time for some change! Now, before you clench up at the word ‘change,’ hear me out. Often when your body is accustomed to a certain routine, it becomes mentally and physically stale and you get the same results workout after workout. Before your body bubbles with boredom you should try something different, those muscles will appreciate it. This does not mean ditching your favorite regiment for the latest fitness trend, but rather take one day and go back to the basics and I mean so basic even a caveman could do it… simply put on your shoes and take a hike! Don’t forget your waterproof bag from Arkadia Supply though, the weather is unpredictable!

But, what are the benefits of hiking? Hiking is a great way to get a ‘dual weight-bearing’ cardio workout and you’re doing it in the best possible studio, nature. All hikes demand quad, glute and core strength along with balance acumen, added demands to your cardio system, challenges to the calf, foot and ankle complex, and to the knees and hips. Whether you have a hill, mountainside, or flat ground nearby, your hike can be intensified by simply throwing on a backpack with water, trail mix, your Quantum Health natural bug spray, and even a pair of binoculars to check out the wildlife. No matter how fast you walk, you will be burning calories and saying goodbye to levitra while you explore nature.