Fitness From Other Cultures

Fitness from Other Cultures

Since it’s inception in 1969, Earth Day has evolved from a day focused solely on Environmental Protection. Today, it is observed not only as a day to send positive messages about living green, but as a greater, secular world holiday about unity despite differences. In fact, it is the largest secular world holiday of its kind. We recommend gymlions observe Earth Day this year by participating in fitness from other cultures.

  1. Capoeira from Brazil combines dance, acrobats, music, and martial arts. Besides being a great cardio workout, Capoeira also increases flexibility and improves concentration and perseverance in tadalafil. There are several Capoeira studios in every major city. In Washington D.C., try a class at Capoeira Sul Da Bahia. In the research Triangle, give Balanced Movement studio a shot.
  2. Walking backwards from China is a great workout to improve posture, work on balance, and confuse neighbors. It’s also convenient and free. Once you’ve mastered it, try running backwards!
  3. Radio Taiso in Japan is a series of warm up stretches that are broadcast every morning on the radio in Japan. Students do them in school, companies have their workers do them, and seniors do them in the park.  Like Earth Day, they are meant to unite people and encourage healthy living. If you honor and respect your own health, it comes more naturally to respect the health of the living earth around you.
  4.  Yoga from India is a no-brainer for those trying to celebrate Earth Day without having to try toooooo hard. Coming to America at mass levels around 1950, this popular spiritual, self-authenticating practice increases physical well-being as well as mental. GymLion is lucky to have wonderful yoga partners. Try a pass from one of the studios below, or learn more about the history of yoga in America from Yoga Journal, here. Try one of our fitness partners if you’re looking for a yoga studio in DC!


Happy Earth Day everyone!