Whole Grains Can Reduce your Risk of Dying by 9%

Whole grains

Whole grains have gotten a bad rap in recent months. More and more people are going gluten-free or Paleo. Other low-carb diets are still alive and well. Books like “Grain Brain” and “Wheat Belly” make grains into the source of all of your problems. However, a new study lends some support to whole grains.

The study, out of the Harvard School of Public Health, looked at whole grain and mortality over a 25 year period. “Although eating more whole grains has been previously associated with a lower risk of major chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and CVD, until now there had been limited evidence regarding whole grains’ link with mortality.” After adjusting for other variables like smoking and other dietary factors, the researchers found that every additional 28 grams of whole grains a day was associated with 9% reduced risk of heart disease and a 5% reduction in all-cause mortality.

While this study doesn’t end the debate on whole grains, it does provide some solid evidence in support of them. What do you think?