Gratitude: Become 25% Happier in Just 5 Minutes a Week.


A lot of people go to great lengths to be happier. They’ll move to a new city, change careers, and make a number of other dramatic moves. However, studies have shown that such decisions will rarely bring about lasting improvements in happiness. Surprising, a much simpler and easier practice can make you significantly happier. Gratitude.


The Study:

One study divided participants into three groups: one wrote down 5 things they were grateful for once a week for 10 weeks; another group wrote down 5 hassles; a third wrote down 5 events. The researchers found that the gratitude group was 25% happier than the hassles group (what most people do). The gratitude group also reported less health complaints and exercised 1.5 hours more a week!  Here’s some other benefits of gratitude:

Gratitude infographic

Another study found that expressing gratitude worked better when performed once a week versus 3x times a week. So pick one day a week (maybe Sunday) and list 5 things your grateful and keep the practice up as long as you can!