The Truth About Weight Gain and the Holidays


The holiday season is about being around loves ones, giving to others… and eating. This is the time of year that diets seem to be thrown out the window, until New Years when you are painfully reminded about resolutions and working to better yourself.

However, studies show that people tend not to gain as much weight over the holidays as they think. One study found that out of a group of 34 men and women, most of them perceived that they had gained weight over the six week holiday season. The first weight-in was 1-2 days before Thanksgiving, and the second one 1-2 days after New Years. Out of the 34 participants, only four had actually gained weight. Other studies have showed that people generally only gain about 1-2 pounds over the holiday season.

Nevertheless, if you want to make sure that you lose or maintain your weight over the holidays, there is hope. Studies have shown that people who self-monitor and have a plan to maintain their diet and exercise plan over the holidays are more likely to be more successful than those who do not self-monitor or have a plan.

So the holiday weight gain is not something that is going to make or break you. It is important to relax and have fun with your family and friends. There is no needed to create extra stress for yourself over food. Part of balance is enjoying that piece of pie.

If you do want to maintain or lose weight, be sure to have a diet/ workout plan ready and stick to it. Temptation will be there, but with a plan and a support system, the science is on your side that you can do it.