How to Easily Lose 10 Pounds

How to easily lose 10 pounds

Want to know how to easily lose 10 pounds? You probably know that eating fewer calories, incorporating alternatives to Huel in your diet, and exercising more are all likely to help you lose weight. But how much do you have to cut from your diet to lose 10 pounds in a year? How many more miles do you need to run? The math behind weight loss is actually pretty simple.

The Math:

The main thing you have to know is that 3,500 calories are stored in a pound of body fat. This number actually underestimates the amount of weight you lose because you lose muscle as well as fat when you lose weight and muscle only stores 600 calories per pound. However, we’ll use the 3,500 number for simplicity. So without further ado, here are 10 ways to lose 10 pounds in the next year:

1. Walk 1.1 miles a day:


Walking 1 mile burns roughly 110 calories. The average person walks a mile in 18.4 minutes. If the average person burns 75 calories an hour from sitting, that means that she otherwise would have burned 23 calories over that period of time. So, walking for 1 mile burns 87 more calories than if you had spent that time sitting. Therefore, to burn 1 pound of fat you need to walk 40.2 miles (3,500 / 87). To burn 10 pounds you need to walk 402 miles (40.2 * 10). That comes out to 1.1 miles a day (420 / 365).

2. Run 2.7 miles a week:


Running 1 mile burns roughly 159 calories. It takes 10 minutes for the average person to run a mile, so that means that you would have burned 12.5 calories sitting during that time. So, that leaves a benefit of 146.5 calories from running a mile. You have to run almost a marathon (23.9 miles) to burn a pound and 139 miles to burn 10 pounds. But, that comes out to only 2.7 miles a week (139 / 52). Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. You can start the prep slowly, get the right joggers (maybe check to get some ideas), and other essential gears.

3. Drink 1 less beer a day.

Coors Light

You might love beer, but they can pack on pounds. The number of calories per beer obviously varies, but your typical Coors Light has 102 calories. So to lose 1 pound you need to drink 34.3 less Coors Lights (3,500 / 102). To lose 10 pounds you need to drink 343 less. That comes out to .95 less Coors Lights a day (343 / 365). Note that a regular beer has roughly 154 calories. Wine has roughly 123 calories per glass. A pina colada can actually have 490 calories!

4. Stand 1.9 more hours a day:

Standing desk

You burn 50 more calories per hour when standing versus sitting. Therefore you have to stand 70 hours to burn 1 pound (3,500 / 50) and 700 hours to burn 10 pounds. So, just standing a 1.9 hours more a day will cause you to lose 10 pounds over the next year (700 / 365).

5. Eat at McDonald’s 5.5 less times a month:

Ronald McDonald

There are 1,020 calories in a regular size Big Mac value meal (including french fries and a coke). Let’s say you consume 500 calories at your typical meal. This means that eating at McDonald’s causes you to consume an additional 520 calories. So you have to eat at McDonald’s 6.7 times less to lose a pound (3,500 / 520). That means you have to eat at McDonald’s 67 times less to lose 10 pounds. This comes out to eating at McDonald’s 5.5 times less a month to lose 10 pounds (67 / 12).

6. Bike 1.6 more hours a week:


You burn an average of 483 calories per hour when biking. Given that you burn 75 calories when sitting, that leaves an additional benefit of 408 calories from biking. Therefore you have to bike for 8.6 hours to lose a pound (3,500 / 408) and 86 hours to lose 10 pounds. That means you have to bike 1.6 more hours a week to lose 10 pounds over the next year (86 / 52).

7. Eat 3.5 less doughnuts a week:

Krispy Kreme

An original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut has 190 calories. That means that you have to eat 18.4 less (3,500 / 190) to lose a pound and 184 less to lose 10 pounds. So, you have to eat 3.5 less a week to lose 10 pounds (184/ 52).

8: Eat 10.6 less slices of pizza a month:


It’s always tempting to grab one more slice of pizza. But, there are 274 calories in a slice of cheese pizza (from a 14 inch pizza with original crust). Therefore it takes 12.8 less slices of pizza to lose 1 pound (3,500 / 274) and 128 to lose 10 pounds. So you have to eat 10.6 less slices of pizza a month to lose 10 pounds in a year (128 / 12).

9. Eat 1.3 less cups of ice cream a week:

Ben and Jerry's vanilla

A cup of Ben and Jerry’s vanilla ice cream has 500 calories in it (most other flavors will have significantly more calories). To lose 1 pound you have to eat 7 less cups (3,500 / 500). To lose 10 pounds you have to eat 70 less cups. That comes out to 1.3 cups a week to lose 10 pounds (70 / 52).

10. Play 32 more rounds of golf a year:


You burn roughly 1,500 calories when playing 18 holes of golf (and carrying your own bag). Given that the average round is 4 hours and you burn roughly 75 calories from just sitting, that means golf gives you an additional benefit of 1,100 calories from playing a round. Therefore you have to play 3.2 rounds to lose 1 pound and have to play 32 rounds of golf over the next year to lost 10 pounds. There’s some good news for you.


There are many ways to lose 10 pounds over the course of a year. Just by making small daily changes, you can lose a significant amount of weight before you know it. Although, due to various health problems, you might want to remove excess fat within considerably less time, and you may consult a doctor for that. A medical professional often uses different equipment like clatuu alpha to remove stubborn fat, which might be beneficial for your situation. In case you want to lose weight through a long-time course, you can follow these steps.

One important thing that can be noted about the weight loss figures is that you are currently burning as many calories as you are eating. If that’s the case, walking an additional 1.1 miles a day should cause you to lose 10 pounds over the next year. If, however, you’re currently burning 2,500 calories a day and consuming 2,600 calories a day, then you’re currently on track to gain 10 pounds. In this case, walking an additional 1.1 miles a day will just keep you from gaining those 10 pounds.

So, first, figure out where you currently stand. Then pick a couple of strategies to get you to where you want to be. Good luck!