5 Reasons You Should Get Outdoors More


I know it’s hard to get outside, especially in the Winter. There’s a layer of ice on the ground in DC. It’s obviously a lot colder in other parts of the country. But there are a number of reasons to get outside as much as you can.

1. You’ll Get More Exercise:

I guess it’s possible to bring a couch out to your backyard (not to give you any ideas). But when you’re outside you’re much more likely to be moving around. They health benefits of exercise are obviously numerous.

2. You’ll get Vitamin D:

This is especially important because 41.6% of people are Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is created naturally in your body when your skin is exposed to sun. It has been shown to aid everything from diabetes to heart disease. To get the Vitamin D benefits it has to be sunny out though!

3. You’ll Sleep Better:

Expose to sunlight helps reset your circadian rhythms. One study found that jet lagged crew members (to take an extreme example) improved their sleep much faster when they exercised outdoors versus spending the same amount of time shopping indoors.

4. You’ll reduce stress:

One study found that participants who ran through the park reduced depression, anxiety and anger to a greater degree than those who ran though an urban environment. So, not only is getting outdoors important, but try to get as close to a natural environment as you can. Something else you could try if you really want to rid yourself of some negative emotions is paintballing; it’s a great way to bond with your teammates and take out your frustrations with some safe shooting! Contact propaintball to find out what kit you’ll need to play.

5. You’ll improve your mood:

Outdoor exercise also significantly improves mood. Interestingly, the presence of water has an added benefit.

So get outside! A final study found that you can get gain mental health benefits from only 5 minutes outside. Everyone has 5 minutes.