10 Gifts Ideas for a Fitness Fanatic

1. Fitbit tracker

This new fitness tracker has recently become increasingly popular among fitness buffs. There are different types of bands depending on what the person wants to achieve in their fitness goals. Check out the website to look at all the different options and you may find the perfect gift for someone or yourself: http://www.fitbit.com

2. Beginners dumbbell set

This dumbbell set is great for any beginner who wants to start using weights, or anyone who simply wants to add light weights into their workout. This set ranges from 2 pounds to 5 pounds. You can look at these weights and other options at: http://bit.ly/12O0Ghk

3. Earmuffs that connect to your music player

These are great for anyone who likes to workout, run, or bike outside. These earmuffs allow for the user to listen to music while also protecting their ears from the cold. They are available at: http://www.180s.com/pages/catalog_view.aspx?g=1%2c2&y=7&i=155&c=1

4. Bynto Food Storage Container


Secretly, I am hoping someone gets me this as a gift. As an on-the-go eater, I go through countless plastic baggies that do not always keep food well. This container has three sections to keep food separated and fresh. The containers come in different color options that you can see on their website: http://store.goodbyn.com/category_s/87.htm

5. Magic Bullet Blender/Mixer

Another way to keep healthy on the go is by drinking healthy smoothies and shakes. The Magic Bullet is one of the best blenders/mixers on the market. Go to http://amzn.to/1wwPEYg to compare prices.

6. Fitbook

This gift is good for anyone who wants to start working out, or wants to start a workout/food log. It is a great way to track progress and keep yourself honest. This fitness journal is also small enough to bring everywhere with you so you don’t skip a day. It is available at: http://amzn.to/1ssdCjJ

7. Yoga Pants and Co-ord sets

Every woman knows that she can never have too many pairs of yoga pants. We all know that they get worn to many places other than just the gym, so the more the merrier. You can find yoga pants at any major retailer, but some of my favorite pairs have come from Victoria Secret, you can see their options here https://www.victoriassecret.com/clothing/sexy-steals-yoga-styles If you’re looking for a full set of apparel that matches together nicely too, click for more info. Do you know what else feels as good as yoga pants? Co-ord sets! There is a reason why people who are fitness enthusiasts often end up buying a lot of these clothes. They are trendy, comfortable, and can absorb sweat easily. Additionally, these attires often serve a dual purpose; they can be ideal for both when you are not breaking a sweat and when you are. So, if you are interested in purchasing fashionable co-ord sets, you can consider checking out websites of shops like Gym King.

8. Burt’s Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Kit

One of the most important parts about living a healthy lifestyle is to know when you need to treat yourself. This beauty kit is a great gift for anyone who deserves a nice treat. It has everything from lip balm to foot cream and is bound to make anyone feel pampered. You can get it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1A9V3Fp

9. The Top 100 Healing Foods Book

100 Foods that heal

This is a great gift for anyone who knows the healing powers of food, but also wants to stay healthy. This book is a great way to learn about all the different ways that food can help you on a daily basis. It will tell which foods to eat if you suffer from anything from headaches, to high blood pressure, to insomnia. You can see the prices here: http://amzn.to/1vPgHKy

10. A Gym Membership

During this time of the year most gyms will be offering gift cards for certificates for memberships, classes, and personal training. You may be able to find a great deal for yourself or someone you care about. Check out any local fitness centers or gyms in your area!