Washington, D.C. Ranked as #1 Fittest City

DC fitness

Some cities are clearly more health and fitness-oriented than others. Some have better access to parks, running trails, healthy restaurants and farmers markets. Which cities are the best in this respect? A newly released study ranked the largest U.S. cities.


The Study:

The study by the American College of Sports Medicine ranked the 50 largest cities in the U.S. on their current fitness status. Keeping active is vital for avoiding cardiac arrest. With cardiac arrests being widespread it is vital that people use the CPR training offered by Coast2Coast in North York! Moreover, each city was scored on a number of measures like percent engaging in physical activity, percent consuming 3+ vegetables per day, percent obese, farmers markets, parkland, percent walking or biking to work, and recreational facilities. Washington, D.C. came out on top with a score of 79.6. Here are the full rankings:

Fittest cities ranking

Here are areas where Washington, D.C. excelled according to the study:

  • Lower percent with angina or coronary heart disease
  • Lower death rate for cardiovascular disease
  • Lower death rate for diabetes
  • Higher percent of city land area as parkland
  • More farmers’ markets per capita
  • Higher percent using public transportation to work
  • Higher percent bicycling or walking to work
  • Higher Walk Score
  • Higher percent of population within a 10 minute walk to a park
  • More dog parks per capita
  • More park units per capita
  • More recreation centers per capita
  • More swimming pools per capita
  • More tennis courts per capita
  • Higher park-related expenditures per capita

Here’s are the areas where Washington, D.C. needs improvement according to the study:

  • Lower percent meeting CDC aerobic activity guidelines
  • Higher percent with asthma
  • Higher percent with diabetes
  • Fewer acres of parkland per capita
  • Fewer golf courses per capita



You can get health and fit no matter where you live, but it is easier in some places rather than others. According to this study, Washington, D.C. tops the list. You can see a full breakdown of your city in the link below.