Turn the tunes up!


Turns out adding some music to your workout can increase your endurance and improve your exercise intensity.

Music diverts your attention, triggers positive emotions, evokes memories, reduces inhibitions, and encourages rhythmic movement.  According to research, the most favorable BPM (beats per minute) with young adults for aerobic exercise is within 125-140.  Music tempo can regulate movement which in return will prolong performance.  This synchronization between movement and music enables efficiency, resulting in greater endurance.  In one study, participants who cycled in sync with music required 7% less oxygen, compared with asynchronous music.  Findings also show that a change of music tempo from slow to fast may enhance participants’ motivation and work output.

Furthermore with aerobic exercise, music has been shown to improve moods by up to 15% and has shown it can reduce your perception of effort and fatigue by 12%.

When it comes to taste prednisone, males seem to prefer the tracks with more bass compared to females when working out.

Which leads to the next question.  Which headphones to use?