The Top 10 High Fiber Foods

High fiber foods

You probably know that high fiber foods are good for you, but you might not know just how good they are. A meta analysis found that people who ate the most high fiber foods had a 23% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, a 23% reduced risk of all-cause mortality, a 17% reduced risk of cancer, a 68% reduced risk of digestive diseases, a 58% reduced risk of infectious diseases, a 43% reduced risk of inflammatory diseases, a 47% reduced risk of respiratory diseases and a 25% reduced risk of circulatory diseases! Hopefully I have your attention by now. So, what are the top 10 highest fiber foods?


1. Split Peas

Split peas

Split peas have 16.3 grams of fiber per cup. Here’s a healthy (and vegetarian) split pea soup recipe.


2.  Lentils:


Lentils have 15.6 grams of fiber per cup. Here’s a great lentil and spinach recipe.


3. Black Beans:

Black Beans

Black beans have 15 grams of fiber per cup. Here’s a healthy black beans recipe with onions, garlic and cilantro.


4. Lima Beans:

Lima beans

Lima beans have 13.2 grams of fiber per cup. Here’s a salmon and lima beans recipe that will get you some protein and omega-3s to go along with all that fiber.


5. Baked Beans:

Baked beans

Some people love them and some people hate them, but baked beans will give you a significant amount of fiber. Baked beans have 10.4 grams of fiber per cup.


6. Artichokes:


Artichokes have 10.3 grams of fiber per serving. Here’s an awesome steamed artichoke recipe.


7. Green Peas:

Green peas

Green peas have 8.8 grams of fiber per cup. Green peas are a great and easy side dish that you can add to any meal.


8. Raspberries:


Raspberries have 8 grams of fiber per cup. Raspberries are great on yogurt, in smoothies or you can eat them by themselves.


9. Whole Wheat Pasta

Whole wheat pasta

Replace regular pasta with whole wheat pasta and you’ll get significantly more fiber. Whole wheat pasta has 6.3 grams of fiber per serving.

10. Pearled Barley:

Pearled barley

Pearled barley has 6 grams of fiber per cup. Pearley barley is barley that has had its hull and bran removed. Here’s a pearled barley recipe casserole that will you’ll love.



Women are recommended to get 25 grams of fiber and men are recommended to get 38 grams of fiber a day. Unfortunately, the average American only consumes 15 grams of fiber a day. But, eat these high fiber foods and you’ll be well on your way!