7 Partner Exercise Routines!

partner exercises

Let’s be honest. Running on a treadmill for an hour by yourself can get boring. Working out with someone else can help keep you accountable, push you, and make your workout more fun. So here are 7 exercises that involve your workout partner in your actual routine!


1. Sit-up with medicine ball pass

Medicine Ball sit-up

For this exercise, Partner 1 and Partner 2 are in a sit-up position facing one another. Partner 1 does a sit-up with a medicine ball held against his/her chest. Once the sit-up is complete, Partner 1 passes the medicine ball to Partner 2 and then he/she does a sit up and passes the ball back.


2. Wheelbarrow


This childhood game actually makes for a good workout! Partner 1 is in the plank position while Partner 2 picks up Partner 1’s ankles. With his/her hands, Partner 1 will then start to “walk” forward. Once you reach the other side of the room, switch.


3. Reach and Touch Planks


Both partners will get into plank position facing one another. Once settled in this position each partner will use the opposite hand to high-five viagra.


4. Squat and Plank

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.31.46 PM

This is a great way for both people to be working out at the same time. Partner 1 gets into a plank position. Then Partner 2 holds Partner’s 1 ankles and squats. This works Partner’s 1 core and Partner’s 2 legs.


5. Leap frog


This is another childhood game that you can use to get in your workout. Partner 1 will crouch on the ground (be sure to tuck your head!) Then Partner 2 will place his/her hands on Partner 1’s shoulders and leap over them. Then Partner 2 will get in the crouched position and Partner 1 will jump over him/her.


6. Chest Pass with shuffle

Chest Pass

This exercise can be done with a medicine ball or something lighter like a basketball. Partner 1 and Partner 2 will stand facing one another with their knees slightly bent. You will both start to shuffle towards the other side of the room while passing the medicine ball back and forth.


7. Under – overs

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.05.33 AM
Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.06.09 AM

Partner 1 will get into a downward dog or plank position depending on how difficult they want to make the exercise. Then Partner 2 will crawl under partner 1. Once Partner 2 is on the other side he/she will jump over Partner 1 and then repeat the exercise. (It is important to note that if Partner 1 is in the downward dog position he/she will have to lower into a plank in order for partner 2 to be able to jump over).



These are a fun set of workouts meant to challenge both you and your partner and maybe create a little bit of friendly competition!