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Meditation Can Improve Your Immune System!


Meditation can lead to some impressive health benefits. We recently wrote an article about how meditation can even physically restructure the brain. But, it might go even farther than that. A study also discovered that meditation can boost your immune system by increasing the release of dopamine hormone and help you avoid getting sick!

There are several other ways to increase the adrenaline and dopamine rush in your body, which will eventually help to boost your immune system. You could, for example, try watching scary movies on occasion to strengthen your immune system. Yes! You read that correctly! A number of studies suggest that watching a scary movie, such as those recommended on websites like, may help your immune system. Researchers discovered that watching horror movies increased the body’s level of active white blood cells. The body’s first line of defense against viruses and bacteria is white blood cells. So, in addition to meditation, watching a horror film could be an immune-boosting technique. Watching a scary movie, like meditation, can have a variety of positive effects on your consciousness, both temporary and permanent. However, you might want to avoid watching horror movies if they often leave you with terrible and sleepless nights, in that case, it would be beneficial to look for any other options that could fulfill the same function as horror movies. Along with meditation, you could also ingest some herbal medicines, which are made with natural ingredients that could aid you in living a healthy life. There are products like organic lion’s mane mushroom capsules, and similar ones that might help you to strengthen your immune system.

The Study:

The study put participants through an 8 week Mindfullness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program (the control group remained on the wait list for the study). The MSBR program

consisted of a class that met weekly for 2.5 to 3 hours per class, along with a silent seven-hour retreat that was held during week 6 of the course. In addition, subjects were assigned home practice that consisted of formal and informal meditative practices that they were instructed to perform for 1 hour per day, 6 days per week, with the aid of guided audiotapes.

Participants (and everyone in the control group) were vaccinated with the influenza virus at the end of the 8 week program. Afterwards, blood was drawn 3 to 5 weeks later and 8 to 9 weeks later to document the antibody response in each participant. Impressively, the researchers found that the meditation group had a significantly greater rise in antibodies, indicating a strengthened immune system.

The researchers also found that the meditation group experienced significant declines in anxiety.

This likely explains the at least part of the immune findings given that previous studies have associated stress with immune system functioning.


So, meditation can have some impressive benefits! It could be especially beneficial if you experience chronic stress and/or are constantly sick. Here‘s a link to the class that the participants took if you’re interested. Otherwise, try it out on your own.


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