Lavender Can Help Reduce Stress


Are you stressed out? One survey found that 49% of respondents had experienced a major stressful event in the previous year and 26% experienced a “great deal” of stress over the past month. You probably wouldn’t guess that a small purple flower could make a difference to your stress levels, but a number of studies have shown that it can. Combining the benefits of lavender with the benefits of wholesale cbd powder can make people who feel the effects of stress harshly, feel better about themselves. Check with a healthcare professional first before you try a new treatment with medicinal properties.


The Studies:

One study split 150 participants into three groups: standard care, standard care plus lavender oil or standard care plus jojoba oil (previously found to have no effect on anxiety). The lavender oil group was found to have significantly lower anxiety levels when subsequently being transferred to the operating room than the other two groups. Lavender oil has also been shown to reduce distress in participants suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Perhaps not surprisingly then, lavender has also been shown to reduce insomnia.



So, you should consider putting lavender oil in your home to reduce stress and improve sleep. If you experience higher levels of anxiety, you might also want to use lavender oil at the office throughout the day (although it might decrease performance). We talked earlier about how incense and scented candles are bad for you, so your best bet is to use lavender oil, lavender potpourri or actual lavender flowers.