Do You Suffer From Gymtimidation?


Gymtimidation: The feeling of intimidation or anxiety when at the gym. This feeling is common and often felt by newcomers – that’s why Planet Fitness introduced the lunk alarm as a way to deter intimidating behaviour such as grunting and dropping weights. Here are some ways to overcome gymtimidation and feel more confident:

1. Have a Workout Plan

Before you go the gym make sure you know what exercises you want to do. Many people come to the gym without a workout plan, and just end up wandering around. This can make them feel self-conscious and unsure of what to do.

2. Educate Yourself

People are often intimidated in the gym because they don’t feel like they know what they’re doing. So, educating yourself can make a big difference. We have published a summary of research on strength training so be sure to check it out as it could serve as a good starting point. Hiring a personal trainer (if you can afford it) can also help. Here is a great article about who can afford a fitness trainer — it’s more accessible than you might first think!

3. Go with a Friend

When I first started working out I felt oddly lonely and weird working out around people I didn’t know. It made me feel self-conscious. When I started working out with a friend, I felt better and I enjoyed my workouts more. So having someone with you should help.

4. Have an Awesome Playlist

Music can make a difference! Going into the gym with music that motivates you can keep you focused and improve your workout. Experiment with different music and find something that works for you. Sometimes you might find that your gym already has music playing from a playlist on Cloud Cover Music or similar licensed music platforms. If you can vibe with that music, good enough; otherwise, you could make your own personal playlist and head for the workout with some earplugs on.

5. Don’t Worry About the Other People

This may be the biggest reason why people suffer from gymtimidation. Worrying about what others think is something that everyone experiences. However, this should not hinder or even stop you from working out. Exercising is something that you do for yourself, not others. It also helps to remember that most people at the gym are only focused on themselves.


All of these points should help kill gymtimidation. But if you still feel uncomfortable during your workout, try going at a different (less crowded) time, or even look into other gyms. If you’re female and the issue is that the idea of going to a mixed gym intimidates you, there are other options available to you, like these female gyms Mandurah, where you can go knowing you’ll be exclusively in the company of women. Good luck!