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Confessions of a Gym Employee

Everyday people go to their gym and then go back to work or home. No one ever really thinks of the people who maintain the gym so they can have the best workout possible. They also don’t think of the people that designed the gym, like those who chose the wall decals and color themes that everyone loves so much.

I am a gym employee. I clean the equipment, I enforce the policies, and I answer every question I can. When it comes to anything gym related I have seen it all. And yes, I have had to call a few ambulances and even take care of a head wound. And, best of all, everybody who walks through the door seems to ask my advice on the best focus and energy supplements. It’s like, everybody wants to maximise their energy levels, and go HARD every time which is amazing!

From all of my experiences, I usually get these questions that I’d like to answer now so you know about them before you come to workout again.

Yes, everything gets cleaned. I promise. If you are going to reputable gym with a caring staff then all of the equipment gets cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

Know what my qualifications are before you ask a workout or diet question. Personally, I am not a certified personal trainer or dietitian. I get asked all the time what I think would be the best workout for a person or they should change their diet. It is better to ask someone qualified in these areas. At many gyms, they have personal trainers and other people with qualifications to properly answer any of your fitness and health questions.

Now that being said, I love it when members come and talk to me. If you do have a question about your workout or anything related to health I will answer it myself or find someone with the qualifications to answer it. It makes my job better when members come and talk to me. Personally, I love hearing about a member’s progress or how their day went or even their personal motivation for getting healthy.

Be respectful of the gym rules. One of the worst parts of my job is going up to someone mid workout to tell them that they are breaking a gym rule. It’s awkward, the person gets upset, and on occasion, I get yelled at in front all the other members. However, it is my job to make sure that all members are following the rules in order to make sure that everyone can workout safely.

I love my job. Like everyone, there are ups and downs to working in the gym industry. But overall, I love going into work because every day is different. I have met some of the most inspirational people from my job and have made great friends. I would say that I am happy about working here. The gym that I work for takes employee engagement pretty seriously and tries to make sure everyone is engaged and happy. This makes employees work harder and keeps them content in their jobs. It’s so important that workers are engaged, otherwise, workers would have no motivation to do their jobs. Luckily, my gym is pretty good at that. Finally, working at the gym has helped me so much in having a healthy, happy life.

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