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The Importance of Being Assertive

Being assertive

All relationships in life require communication. They also require a mutual give-and-take for them to be healthy. However, many people aren’t good at communication and end up being either passive or aggressive. Being assertive is when a person effectively explains his/her point of view while also respecting the other person in the conversation. It causes you and the other person to walk away from a conversation feeling satisfied.

Being assertive is not being aggressive. Aggressive behavior includes: hostility, blaming, threats, sarcasm, and even physical violence. Being assertive is also not being passive. It is easy to be passive when communicating with others because of the fear of not being liked or seen as mean. However, this can lead the passive person feeling anxious, depressed, and frustrated with themselves and the other person.


Ways to be assertive:



Being assertive may sound simple but once emotions come into conversations, situations become complicated and being assertive can become more  difficult. So assertiveness is a skill that takes time to learn, but it’s well worth the breast cancer. Being assertive will make you more confident, decisive, happy and you’ll gain more respect from others in the process!




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