7 Healthy School Lunch Ideas!

School started about a month ago and you may already be out healthy school lunch ideas. So here is a list to get you inspired to make lunches that your kids will love. Some of these you may even want to make for yourself!


7 Health School Lunch Ideas:

1. Pita Pocket Sandwich

pita pocket sandwich

Photo: Bon Appétit

If your kids are tired of sandwiches, turning to a pita pocket is a great way to keep a lunch simple and also healthy. Simply put whatever types of meat or veggies your kids love in the pocket. It doesn’t get much easier than this! What’s even better is that they could pop out at lunch and get their very own pita sandwich made fresh from a local deli! This is an inexpensive way to give your kids a healthy lunch without spending lots of time making sandwiches in the morning or evening. There are various pita sandwich joints across the USA, there are even opportunities for you at home to open your store. All you’d need to know are the pita franchise cost and have valuable experience! But anyway, that’s enough business chat. Next lunch idea, please…


2. Chili Lime Black Bean Burritos

Chili Lime Black Bean Burritos

Photo: runningonrealfood

These vegan burritos taste great and definitely will make the other kids jealous. They take some time to make, so don’t wait until the morning unless you’re an early riser!


3. Bow-tie Salad

bow-tie salad

Photo: ApplePins

This classic dish is something you may have never considered for your kid’s lunch, but is a great option. The pasta will keep your child full for the day, and you get to sneak in some veggies. This recipe is also one you can tailor to you and your child’s taste. Use whole-wheat or gluten-free pasta if you can find it.


4. Baked Chicken Fingers

baked chicken fingers

Photo: PopSugar

Kids love chicken fingers. No reason to deprive them. This gluten-free, paleo recipe uses almond meal for the breading and is baked instead of fried.


5. Avocado, carrot and cucumber sushi

Avocado, carrot and cucumber sushi

Photo: Bon Appétit

If you want to get creative try making sushi for lunch! This fun recipe also gets some healthy foods in for your kids as well.


6. Cauliflower Pizza

Cauliflower pizza

Photo: nutritionstripped

Kids might love pizza even more than chicken fingers. This recipe uses a cauliflower crust, so it’s actually vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free! This is another one that takes a little time to prepare, so go ahead and make it the night before.


7. Tuna and Corn Burgers

Tuna and Corn Burgers

Photo: Taste

Had to add in a burger recipe too. This recipe is made of tuna and corn. Swap out the bread with whole wheat or gluten-free bread. Best of all, they look like sloppy joes!


If you have any other great tater tot recipes let us know in the comments below!