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7 Healthy Halloween Treats

You have two choices on Halloween: you can either use it as a day to gorge out on candy or you can come up with some creative healthy Halloween treats instead. Here are the top 7 choices if you take the second path.


1. Banana Ghosts

All you need for this one is a ripe banana, popsicle sticks and raisins for ice. Freeze before serving.


2. Apple Mummies

For the mummies all you need is to peel the apple in strips and place two chocolate chips (pointy in first) in the apples as eyes. Pro tip: use honey crisp apples because they don’t brown as fast (and they taste the best anyway).


3. Clementine Pumpkins

For these, simply peel some clementines and use a short piece of celery for the stem.


4. Kale witch’s brew

Mix up a kale smoothie (or any other green drink) to create your witch’s brew.


5. Watermelon brain

This one might take a little more skill. To make the watermelon brain, you simply peel a watermelon, then carve grooves in the shape of a brain.


6. Pumpkin vomit

The only hard part of this one is the pumpkin. Either carve one yourself or borrow one from a neighbor’s kid. After that, just strategically place your favorite guacamole and chips.


7. Deviled Egg Spiders

Cut a black olive in half for the spider’s body. Cut another black olive vertically to create the spider’s legs. Place on top of deviled eggs.

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