Should You Get Your DNA Tested?



It comes as no surprise that your health and your DNA are connected. Your DNA is what makes up everything in your body.

However, with the mapping of the human genome, scientists are starting to look at how specific genes are related to a person’s nutritional and physical health.

With these advancements in technology, companies around the world are now able to tell you the best workouts and diet based on your DNA.

So how do these DNA tests work? And are they worth it?

Some people quit working out and eating well when they don’t see immediate results. When it comes to health and fitness, some programs are very successful for some people, while they do not work at all for others. DNA testing is meant to help show people what types of exercise would work best for them.

The test can also help a person see what lifetime risks he/ she has for about 120 diseases.

You can also get tests that can show you the best way to eat. The testing can help people see if they have any food intolerances. This can help you tailor your diet specifically to you. You can also see what food cravings you have. All this information can help you best figure out what to eat and how to avoid diet pitfalls.

The biggest issue with DNA testing is that the science is still new. The human gnome was sequenced only 10 years ago, so a lot is still unknown when it comes to analyzing DNA. There are also a lot of different companies out there promising different results. If you want to get your DNA tested, it is important to do your research on which company is the best for you!