Walking Meetings Are Worth a Try

Walking meetings

There have been hundreds of studies documenting the health benefits of walking. However, a new study shows that walking just 20 minutes a day can reduce your mortality risk by up to 30%! Despite this, many have trouble finding time to walk each day. One possible solution is to try walking meetings.

Steve Jobs was known to frequently hold walking meetings. Mark Zuckerburg, more recently, has taken up the practice. Perhaps with good reason. They cause you to walk more and hopefully get you outdoors to boot. Walking meetings also break up extended time spent sitting, which has been shown to increase your mortality risk (even among those who are extremely fit). On top of that, the meetings themselves could be more productive. A Stanford study found that creative output increases 60% when participants walked versus when they sat. The creative boost even lasted after the participants sat back down. Finally, walking alongside someone puts both of you in a more collaborative frame of mind, making it more likely that the meeting itself will be productive.

So the next time you’re scheduling a meeting, think about trying out a walking meeting!



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