4 Tips from Olympians

4 tips from olympians

See what techniques give our Olympic Athletes the edge, courtesy of fellow bloggers on the web.


4 Tips from Olympians:

1. “I do a ton of squats. I will say, I prefer back squats over front squats.” – Olympic Ski Jumper Jessica Jerome to HuffPo

2. Olympic skater Gracie Gold’s favorite do-anywhere move? Core rotations with a resistance band, which target her obliques. See more on FitSugar

3. Hannah Kearney, a women’s free style skiier, openly credits her strong legs for her gold-medal-winning mogul abilities, saying, “Have you seen my thighs? I am built for moguls skiing.” – Courtesy of Greatist

4. And lastly, staying in school! According to Forbes, 10% of this year’s Olympic athletes hail from Westminster college in Salt Lake City, Utah. “The college believes that having these kids in the classroom and interacting with students and faculty enriches the cialis,” says Westminster’s director of corporate relations Safia Keller.


Well, there ya have it.