The Two Little Pigs…

The two little pigs

Once upon a time there were two little pigs named Mort and Court. Mort and Court lived in a pig sty next to a large red barn in Virginia. The farmer was a nice man, but he didn’t go out of his way to care for Mort and Court. Even though he tried to feed Mort and Court well, he also placed all of his family’s leftovers in the pigsty which included fried chicken, doughnuts and cookies. Needless to say, Mort and Court never ate the healthy options and so ballooned in size.

One day Mort was trying to get a toy from the other side of the pen, but could barely get up because his stomach was so big. When he finally did get up, he had to stop and rest before he even got to the other side. Court started to laugh at him, but realized she was in the same position. They both decided at that moment that they needed to change.

They couldn’t agree, however, how to do. Mort said, “I don’t know about you, but I can’t give up the pizza and cheesecake. I’ll just eat less.” Court had a different idea. “I don’t want to starve myself. Plus, that stuff isn’t good for you no matter how much of it you eat.” They spent hours arguing their point until they finally agreed to each try their own plan.

At first Mort’s plan worked, he kept eating biscuits and hot dogs, but ate less and lost some weight. However, he was always hungry and always tempted. Also, he still felt tired and sluggish even though he had dropped a few pounds. At times, he would be low on willpower and would gorge out on everything he could find and gain the weight back.

At first, the switch from junk food to fruits, vegetables and other healthier options was a challenge for Court. But after a while she came to like the healthier foods and even the sight of what Mort was eating made her feel sick. She even began to cook. Court never starved herself, she ate every time she felt hungry and it worked! She steadily dropped weight and felt better and better.

Eventually, Mort saw how much happier and healthier Court was and decided to adopt her plan after all and it worked for him too! Not only that, but their success spurred Mort and Court to adopt other healthy habits. They kept making up new games to play around the pen. Their favorite game was to race each other around the outside edge of the pen for 8 laps. They did this multiple times a day and eventually large crowds would show up to watch the race.

Not one to miss an opportunity, the farmer started pig races at local fairs and at other attractions around the state. Mort and Court loved the competition and enjoyed traveling around the state. Most importantly, instead of becoming bacon, they became famous and lived long and healthy lives.

The end.

[Note: Court is #8 in the picture above.]