Should You Hire a Personal Trainer?

Should You Hire a Personal Trainer?



Should you hire a personal trainer? A study divided previously sedentary women into two groups: one that worked with a personal trainer for 6 months and one that worked out on their own after an initial 10 sessions. At 6 months, 97% of women who worked with the trainer were still in the program vs. 87% of the group that worked out on their own. The women in the training group were also more likely to continue working out at 12 months (94% vs. 76%) and 18 months (81% vs. 61%). They also expended more energy per session (burned more calories)!


Source: Cox, K. L., et al. “Controlled comparison of retention and adherence in home-vs center-initiated exercise interventions in women ages 40–65 years: the SWEAT study (Sedentary Women Exercise Adherence Trial).” Preventive Medicine 36.1 (2003): 17-29.


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