How Good Are Bootcamp Classes For You?

boot camp


You’ve probably seen them in local parks, big groups of people doing push-ups, burpees, squats and the like. There might even be an instructor yelling at the group. Why would you pay good money for bootcamp classes? Well, maybe the results speak for themselves.


The Study:

One study had participants do a representative 40 minute bootcamp video and tested them on a number of measures including calories burned and average heart rate. The researchers found that participants burned an average of 400 calories in the 40 minute workout, coming out to 600 calories per hour! Average heart rate was 145 and peak heart rate was 171 (91% of participants’ max heart rate). Here’s a chart of average heart rate over the course of the workout:

Bootcamp chart


Bootcamps are great for cardio and weight loss. Good instructors will push you throughout the workout and you’ll burn a lot of calories in the process. All of the calisthenics will, of course, build some strength as well. If you’re looking for balance, flexibility or relaxation though you should look in other directions (like yoga).

Bootcamp chart

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