Does P90X Work? What the Research Says

Does P90X Work

You’ve probably seen infomercials with before and after photos showing how well P90X works. You probably even have some friends or family members who constantly talk about it. Heck, I’ve even done P90x and P90X2. Is there something to all the hype? Is there any research showing that P90X actually works?


Does P90X Work?

One study monitored participants while they completed 4 P90X workouts (Legs & Back, Cardio X, Plyometrics and Chest, Shoulders & Triceps). The researchers found that average heart rate for the workouts were 67% to 83% of max heart rate for men. For women, heart rate was 65% to 55% of max heart rate. Here’s a breakdown of the heart rate data:

Does P90X work chart

VO2max was between 45% to 70% of VO2max for men and between 45% to 80% of VO2max for women. Men burned between 10.5 and 16.2 kcals per minute, totaling between 441 and 669 calories per workout. Women burned between 7.2 and 12.6 kcal per minute, coming to between 302 and 544 calories per workout. Plyometrics was the biggest calorie burner, followed by Legs & Back, Cardio X and Chest, Shoulders & Triceps.



P90X clearly is a great way to lose weight and become more lunesta. By was of comparison: P90X isn’t as intense as CrossFit in terms of HRmax or VO2max, but you burn significantly more calories given that the workouts last much longer. So, give it a shot, just remember to “bring it!”